Paul Rangiwahia
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I certainly don’t claim to have all the answers to great mental health and wellbeing. What I would say is that most of the answers we seek are within ourselves.

When I speak I use stories, history, humour, my artworks and a good lashing of common sense to help others see the immense benefits of excellent mental health and wellbeing - to draw attention to the power within themselves and the possibilities when they are in ‘tune’ with their true authentic self.

I like to talk about subjects like letting go, trusting your intuition and how to create greater self awareness. The truth is that we all experience life differently but one thing that has never changed is the formula for healthy living.

I like to break open the complex nature that is modern life and examine the key elements, to understand what is truly important to us as individuals. I share simple tips to help others make positive changes and challenge them to reflect where they are currently at in their lives.

Above all I believe in what I do and I try my very best to inspire and motivate others wherever possible.

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“You’ve started quite the Wellness revolution here, and I think it’s because you gave us some simple language to work with.  We talk regularly about needing to go outside (an outdoor eating area is in development), to say kind words, and to make fun a priority.  We’re talking more openly about mental wellbeing, being grateful, having a positive mindset, and how we’re feeling today. Not bad for a bunch of burly blokes right?”

 Emma Bennett

Kapuni Operations Manager Fonterra